Types of Maintenance

The maintenance work is carried out at several levels: ongoing maintenance, preventative maintenance and broken pipe maintenance.
Ongoing maintenance includes dealing with faults, such as blockages, in the sewage and drainage networks. Preventative maintenance includes the following operations:
Preparing the city drainage network for winter, and in this framework, cleaning the city drainage network and clearing away garbage, sediment and dirt from the collection chambers and the channels.
Cleaning the city sewage network: rinsing out the mains pipelines and dealing with problematic pipelines.
Dealing with broken pipes in the sewage pipelines and the drainage system and in the receptors covers.
Pinpointing faults in the mains sewage collectors with the assistance of the Nature and Parks Authority. The Nature and Parks Authority assists the Sewage and Drainage Division in supervising the sewage pipelines mainly in sites with difficult access. For this reason, the Authority carries out daily patrols that visit each of the system’s collectors at least twice a week.