The Drainage Network

The municipal drainage system includes a 450 km. long pipeline, and about 15,000 chambers and receptors for the collection of the rain-water.

Channeling system:

A system of channels and subterranean pipelines intended to collect rain-waters (surface run-off), and to transfair them, out of the municipal boundries to rigionl valleys

The system has been planned for the collection and transference of large quantities of water flowing in short periods of time, so that it is constructed out of large-diameter pipes: starting from 50 cm in the urban drainage network, and up to 7 square meters in main conduits, through which the waters are discharged to the wadis outside the municipal boundries. The system can be likened to a tree with narrow branches (pipelines) that continually widen as they reach nearer the trunk (mains). The length of the channeling lines in Jerusalem is approximately 400 km.


Structure of the Sewage and Drainage Division

Division Management

The Division is responsible for development and maintenance of the urban sewage and drainage systems within Jerusalem city and is divided to two departments: the Technical Department and the Maintenance Department.

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