Metallurgical testing in the public water network

Metallurgical testing in the public water network

Hagihon Company performs metallurgical testing in the public water network. It is done at 60 sampling points in Jerusalem, at 6 sampling points in Mevaseret Zion, and at 3 sampling points in Abu Ghosh. This is in accordance with the quality of drinking water regulations.

The test includes concentrations of lead, iron and copper. The results at the public water network are OK and in order, and show that the levels of lead, iron and copper in the water are much lower than permitted by the regulations of the Ministry of Health. The public is invited to see the latest test results for all communities within the responsibility of Hagihon Company, which are listed on the company website:


In addition, the results are published in the annual report sent to the company's customers.

It should be emphasized that Hagihon Company is responsible for water supply and water quality up to the main meter of the building, and the customers are responsible for the private plumbing and piping of the building and the apartments, as well as on the maintenance of the filters and pressure regulators installed privately. In accordance with the regulations, Hagihon Company provides metallurgical test services at customer premises. This test, which includes in addition to lead testing, iron and copper concentrations testing, costs 531.37 NIS including VAT.

Online application form for conducting concentration of metals test in the drinking water can be found at Hagihon web site.

Best regards,

Zohar Yinon,

Hagihon CEO