Reinforcement of Sewage Collectors - 70.4 Million Shekels

The replacement of approximately 3.5 km of collecting sewer lines from a diameter of 400 mm to 1,250 mm is planned this year.

As a result of the development of new neighborhoods, the connection of satellite towns and the thickening of older districts, old sewage collectors will be upgraded.

In 2017, Og south sewer collector replacement will be completed (from Isawiya junction to Highway 437). In addition, Wadi Hilwa road collector replacement works will be completed (as part of the road-upgrading project).

This chapter also includes completion of Refahim sewer collector replacement up to the entrance of Kerem tunnel, and as part of the pavement of access road to the Biblical Zoo aquarium.

As part of the project of regulating the Kidron Basin wastewater, Hagihon Company plans number of projects whose implementation will be conditioned on the approval of the Sewage Infrastructure Development Administration.                                                                              For example:

• Zurim tunnel (transporting Kidron wastewater to the direction of Og Basin).

• Reinforcement of Og south collector as a continuation of the above-mentioned tunnel.

• Delivery sewer line from Guy Ben Inom pumping station towards Moshe Barham street.

• Continue of Kidron collector to Horkania facility.