Sewage Lines Replacement - 44.2 Million Shekels

As part of the above, upgrading of 35 km of sewer lines in diameter of 200 mm to 400 mm is planned this year.

Replacing old sewer lines ensures the integrity of the system, thereby reducing the incidence of blockages or sewer flooding. In addition, in many projects, new lines will be placed along the route that allows easier access to control compartments in case maintenance action is required (lines in the roads instead of in private areas).

It should be noted that out of the replacement works, an amount of approximately 10 million NIS will be invested in upgrading the sewer lines through sleeves (including repair of the control compartments) in various neighborhoods of Jerusalem (Bakha, East Talpiot, the old city) and Mevaseret Zion. About 1 million NIS will be invested in upgrading and increasing the diameter through breaking (several blocks in Abu Ghosh).

A. As part of the replacing of sewer lines (initiated by Hagihon)

Replacement and renewal of sewers systems are made according to the following criteria:

▪ The age of the pipes.

▪ The number of faults in the line.

▪ The method of line connection to the houses.

▪ The increase of sewer capacities in the lines.

▪ The repair of roads by the City Improvement Department.

Names of streets where sewer lines will be replaced: Rabinowitz, Akiva Ettinger, Antigonus, Sheva Ahayot (Mevaseret Zion).

In addition, this year Hagihon Company budgeted an amount of 12.5 million NIS for the completion of the design, and the beginning of the work on site to replace sewer lines in neighborhoods beyond the separation fence (Kafar Akeb, Ras Hamis, Anata).

B. As part of the development companies

Hagihon Company is integrated in projects of neighborhoods or streets renewal, and replaces the old and / or damaged sewer systems. Lines replacement saves costs to Hagihon and eliminates unnecessary disturbance to the residents of these neighborhood.      

 For example, Makor Baruch compound, Zichron Moshe compound (Phase III), Shivte Israel street (northern section), Haprahim street (Abu Ghosh - as part of the project of the Ministry of Transportation).