Expansion Of The Sewage Net - 12.9 Million Shekels

As part of this expansion, the laying of around 12 km of lines with a diameter of 200 mm to 300 mm is planned for this year. The city's development process (new neighborhoods, expanding of existing neighborhoods), requires a constant expansion of the sewer network.

Similarly, in various places (mainly in the eastern part of the city), there are structures that are not connected to the sewage system. The goal is to connect all these structures, and thus eliminate potential health hazards.

The continuation of laying down sewerage network at Umm Tuba and Umm Lison neighborhoods is defined as a central objective of the company. All works are carried out using the sewage surcharge payment made by new consumers, or alternately as a preparation for future connections in places that are paved now.    


Hagihon budget in this chapter refers to the ongoing works and to new works in two areas:

A. Sewage systems development in new neighborhoods such as:

Ramat Shlomo neighborhood (extension)

Gilo Slopes neighborhood

Malha Slopes neighborhood

B. Development of new sewage systems in existing neighborhoods:

Umm Tuba and Tzur Baher

Beit Hanina

Beit Tzafafa (Sharafat)

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