Water Development Budget 2019

Water Development Budget 2019

The budget for the development of the water sector for the year 2019 will amount to approximately NIS 81 million, about NIS 20 million higher than the estimate for 2018.
This budget includes approximately NIS 15.8 million of work ordered by various parties, which will be carried out subject to work order and advance funding.


Expansion of the water network - NIS 21.9 million

Continuing processes of population growth, improvement of the standard of living and the development of the city, necessitate expanding the water supply network by strengthening the main transportation pipelines in existing roads and by laying new lines in new neighborhoods and new main roads.

Replacement of the water network - NIS 36 million

Replacement of worn-out water pipes proactively reduces water loss, prevents damage to water quality and increases reliability of supply.
The standard life span of a water pipe is about 40 years, hence the need to change each year about 2.5% of the length of the network, which is about 1,300 km long, i.e. 33 kilometers per year.

Construction of reservoirs, stations and facilities - NIS 5.2 million

Due to the distance of the city from its water sources, Hagihon is constructing in Jerusalem a water collection system that prevents the citizens of the city from shortage of water and from suffering during malfunctions in the water transportation system to the city. According to past experience, a collection volume of about 1/2 cubic meters per person is established in the city. In addition, the mountainous topography of Jerusalem dictates the need to pump water into the city's high areas and pressure break to low areas. Pump stations and pressure reduction stations are therefore established in the new neighborhoods as required.

Equipment for operation, maintenance and optimization of the water system - NIS 8.8 million

0346. Upgrading of the Command, Control and Remote viewing system - NIS 0.18 million
3820. Taking care of East Jerusalem - Installation of water meters for the consumers - NIS 0.99 million
6671. Installation of permanent sensors for the detection of bursts (Aquarius) - NIS 1.1 million

General water planning - NIS 0.33 million

6140. Master Plan for Jerusalem, year 2040 - NIS 0.15 million
The preparation of a master plan for Jerusalem for the year 2040 will be completed this year by Tahel Company. The plan will include recommendations on an orderly planning and implementation plan for future years, for replacements, expansions and upgrades of water lines and construction of pressure reduction facilities. The need for the upgrade of pumping stations and / or the construction of new pumping stations, the construction of new pools etc., will be tested for the target year of 2040.


Works for entities that pay for the work - NIS 15.8 million

This paragraph includes works commissioned by various parties (Moriah, PAMI, the Roads Division, the Ministry of Housing, Israel Railways, Netivey Israel, the Ministry of Defense and private entities), which require changes such as the removal of water lines that interfere with paving a road or development. The works are ordered by the project initiating entity and are performed at the expense of that entity.

Renovation of buildings and facilities - NIS 0.32 million

In accordance with the work plan for cleaning the collection pools in Jerusalem, and in accordance with the pre-determined timetables and in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, during the year 2019 Beit Hakerem, Romema 1 and 2, the tower, Harishonim and Yad Asa pools will be cleaned in order to maintain a good quality of water supply from these pools