Sewage And Drainage Budget

General articles - 1.6 million NIS

The project of Jerusalem sewer lines survey will continue in 2017 and sewage lines survey in Mevaseret Zion and Abu Gosh will be completed, in order to complete the missing data in the mapping.

Different Types Of Sewage Facilities - 20 Million Shekels

In 2017, general renovations will be made in sewer facilities in Jerusalem and Mevaseret Zion, and in addition, Hagihon will progress with the design of pumping station to the neighborhood of Umm Tuba (City Building Plan + physical design).

Reinforcement of Sewage Collectors - 70.4 Million Shekels

The replacement of approximately 3.5 km of collecting sewer lines from a diameter of 400 mm to 1,250 mm is planned this year.

Sewage Lines Replacement - 44.2 Million Shekels

As part of the above, upgrading of 35 km of sewer lines in diameter of 200 mm to 400 mm is planned this year.

Expansion Of The Drainage Net - 6.9 Million Shekels

The budgeted amount of priority A is the orders balance we received from the City of Jerusalem for the handling of various projects.

Expansion Of The Sewage Net - 12.9 Million Shekels

A s part of this expansion, the laying of around 12 km of lines with a diameter of 200 mm to 300 mm is planned for this year